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1.       cook food= make food  做饭

2.       cook  very good soup 做美味的汤

3.       take a message for sb = take messages for sb  给某人捎信

4.       call sb back soon  尽快给某人回电话

5.        visit sb /swh 拜访某人/ 某地

6.       on a visit to swh  在某地参观

7.       onavacation  度假

8.       go skating 去滑冰

9.       one /two / some/  many / each  of the places  地方之一/二。。。

10.   play computer games  玩电脑游戏

11.    How’s it going? 情况进展如何?

12.    have a good ( great) time = have fun doing 过得快乐 (快乐做某事)

13.    tell sb to do sth 吩咐某人做某事

14.   tell sb about sth  告诉某人关于某事

15.   tell sb stories  给某人讲故事

16.   right now = now 用于现在进行时态

17.    talk on the phone for 3 hours  电话聊天3小时

18.   learn a lot / a little 学会很多/一点

19.   sit by the pool 坐在水池边

20.   study/ work /  practice  hard 努力学习/工作/练习

21.   don’t /doesn’t work 坏了,不工作了

22.   play in the snow /rain 在雪中/雨中玩

23.   take a photo of …/ take photos of…给。。。拍照

24.   ask sb to do sth  要求某人做某事

25.   ask sb for help  向某人请求帮助

26.   ask sb about sth  问某人关于某事

27.   in the rainy weather 在下雨天

28.    Who is that (speaking)? This is…(speaking).

29.   May I speak to …?

30.   How’s the weather? = What’s the weather like?

It’s sunny / windy / cloudy / rainy / snowy / raining / snowing ./fine

31. buy sb sth = buy sth for sb



1. watch sb doing 看见某人正在做某事

I like to watch the monkeys climbing around.

 watch sb do 看见某人做了,短暂的动作,或者经常做

2.pay for

I pay 10 yuan for the dress.

3.look like 看起来像 -指的是外表

He looks like my father.

4. be like 指的是内在感觉/可以翻译成像什么一样对。。。

My teacher is like a big brother to me.


5.easy 形容词 easily 副词简单的

It is easy to go to the park.

I can go to the park , easily.

6. quick 形容词 快的 quickly 副词 快地

I have a quick breakfast everyday.

When I read books, time goes quickly.

The river runs quickly.

7.go along=walk along 沿着什么走

go down Just go along/go down/walk along Bridge street.

8.enjoy doing 喜欢做某事,以做某事为乐

I enjoy reading books.

9. take , spend, pay

1.Take 表示花费时间

It takes sb time to do sth

It takes him 30 minutes to go to school.

2.spend 可以表示花费钱,也可以表示花费时间

I spend 300 yuan on the new coat.

I spend a lot of time on TV.

I spend a lot of time watching TV.

Spend …on sth 花费时间在什么上面。。。

Spend …doing sth 花费时间做某事

3. pay …for 为。。。付钱

I pay 10 yuan for that dress.



1.中等身高        (be)of medium height

2.中等身材         (be)of medium build

3.长着一双大眼睛   have big eyes

4.长着长长的直发   has long straight hair

5.一点;少量       a little1.后跟不可数名词 2.后跟形容词)

6.最后            in the end(用在句首或句尾)

7.戴眼镜          wear glasses/have glasses

8.我也许晚一点儿。    I may be a little late.= Maybe I am a little late.

9.再见            Goodbye./See you later.

10.以同样的方式看事情  see things (in)the same way

11.将同一个人描述的不一样 describe the same person differently

12.描述人们的长相      describe people’s looks

13.他什么性格?    What is he like?

14.他长什么样? What does he look like?

15.让我告送你他长什么样。 Let me tell you what he looks like.(宾语从句,注意语序)

16.他高个还是矮个?  Is he tall or short?

17.他不高也不矮。   He isn’t tall or short.

18. 真正的罪犯      the real criminal

19. 把它刊登在报纸上 put it in newspapers



1.       想要某物 would like sth.  2. 想要做某事 would like to do sth.

3.       想要某人做某事 would like sb. to do sth.

4.       全世界around the world= all over the world

5.       大量的a (large ) number of    6. …的数量 the number of…         

7.       实现  come true   8. 流行起来get popular    be popular          

9.       切碎 cut up 10. 砍倒 cut down

10.   牛肉西红柿面条 beef and tomato noodles. 表成分 tomato名词作定语要用单数

    noodles with beef and tomatoes 出现with后面用复数

11.   一种  a kind of          两种 two kinds of 

12.   很多种 many kinds of 各种各样 all kinds of

不同种类 different kinds of  有点 kind of

12. 点菜 take one’s order  

13  一大碗 a large bowl of 一小碗  a small bowl of 一个中碗

a medium bowl of      两碗 two bowls of bowl 上变复数

14 在不同国家 in different countries

15 一个带有蜡烛的生日蛋糕 a birthday cake with candles

16 许愿 make a wish   17 吹灭 blow out 吹灭蜡烛 blow out the candles

18 一次性 in one go 

19 一种的象征 a symbol of 好运的象征 a symbol of good luck

   生命的象征 a symbol of life

20 带来好运  bring good luck to …

21 缺少 be short of  

22 戴上眼镜 put on glasses.

戴着眼镜 wear glasses

穿上衣服用 put on…

穿着衣服 wear…



1去散步go for a walk                 2给奶牛挤奶milk a cow

3骑马ride a horse                    4喂鸡feed chickens

5和农民谈话talk with a farmer         6拍照take photos

7问他一些问题ask him some questions

8种苹果grow apples                  9摘草莓pick strawberries

10把它们带回家take them home

11学了许多有关种地的知识learn a lot about farming

12看望祖父母visit one’s grandparents             13去钓鱼go fishing

14那真是蛮好玩的It was so mch fun

15你真幸运Lucky you!                        16许多quite a lot (of)…

17担心worry about (be worried about)

18爬山climb the mountains

19我们玩得很开心we had so much fun

20参观美术博物馆visit the art museum

21参观消防站visit the fire station

22看了一些油画see some paintings             22画画draw pictures

23教我们怎样制作机器人模型teach us how to make a model plane

24去礼品店go to the gift shop

25为父母买了一些可爱的礼物buy some lovely gifts for one’s parents

26总之all in all

27真是令人激动的一天It was an exciting day(What an exciting day it was)

28乘火车去博物馆take the train to the museum(go to the museum by train)

29对。。。感兴趣be interested in

30重要的事情important things(something important)

31做某事很困难It is (was)difficult to do sth

32看见或听见导游see or hear the guide

33东西很贵(便宜)the things are  expensive(cheap)

34一点也不not at all                  35空气很清新the air was clean

36一切都是有关机器人的everything is about the robot

38一次糟糕的旅行a terrible trip

39在慢速(快速)列车上on the slow or fasttrain

40食物很美味the food is delicious

41 有趣的地方interesting places(somewhere interesting) 



1.高中毕业 finish high school              2两周前 two weeks ago     3作为一份特殊的礼物 as a special gift

4带我们去印度take us to India       5去野营 go camping                6 坐了很长时间的公共汽车take a long bus ride

7搭帐篷put up a tent                      8举手put up one’s hand

9 张贴图片put up the pictures            10 生起篝火make a fire

11 取暖keep warm                 12在第一天晚上on the first night

13相互讲故事tell each pother stories14去睡觉go to sleep                15大吃一惊get a terrible surprise16里面看look into                 17外面看look out of            18了解  know about

19开始做某事start to do sth (start doing sth)

20移进森林move into the forest

21告诉游客有关它们的生活习惯tell visitors about their living habits

22告诉某人(不)要做某事tell sb (not) to do sth

23以至于  so… that 太。。。以至于不能 so… that ...+否定句

= too… to…

24看见某人正在做某事see …doing…25感觉某人正在做某事feel…doing…

26大喊 shout at(to)               27跳上跳下jump up and down

28醒来,把。。。叫醒   wake(sb)up        

29(不)做某事很重要It’s important (not) to do sth

30一个非常有用的教训a very useful lesson

31去看电影go to the cinema (go to see a movie)

32去划船go boating                 33去海边go to the beach

34在湖边扎营camp by the lake       35打羽毛球play badminton

36为英语考试做准备study for the English test

37喂一些羊feed some sheep

38担任导游的工作work as a guide           39熬夜stay up late

40自然历史博物馆Natural History Museum

42200种蝴蝶的蝴蝶屋 a butterfly house with 200 kinds of butterflies

43他们的工作多有趣啊How interesting their job is!(What an interesting job they have)

44学会怎样给消防站打电话learn how to call the fire station

45看消防员工作watch the firefighters work

46学会着火时该做什么learn what to do when there is a fire

47在游泳池游泳swim in the swimming pool

48一边唱一边弹吉他sing and play the guitar

49放风筝fly a kite           50去图书馆go to the library

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